How can I find accommodation for my stay ?

Searching for accommodation on is very easy! Just add your destination, dates of stay, number of people, price range and desired facilities within the accommodations, then click on the “SEARCH” button. The available accommodations will immediately appear with their essential information (price, address, reviews, etc.). All you have to do is select your accommodation and book it.

Comment puis-je rechercher une activité pour mon séjour ?

Searching for an activity on is very easy! You just have to add your destination, your dates of stay, the number of people, the price range and the theme of the activity you want, then click on the “SEARCH” button. The available activities will immediately appear with their essential information (price, duration of the activity, address, reviews, etc.). All you have to do is select your activity and book it.

How do I book accommodation and/or an activity on the platform?

The booking service, if authorised by the advertiser, allows you to make your bookings directly online, via a form.

The process is very simple! After selecting your accommodation and/or activity, all you have to do is select your booking dates and the number of people, then click on the “BOOK NOW” button. The order page will appear immediately. All you have to do is enter your information and submit your booking.

How can I pay for my accommodation and/or activity booking?

You have the option to pay for your booking through the credit card payment gateway via the third party payment provider and/or Ardenoy Consulting Payments.

Please note: is in no way responsible for payments made outside the platform.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

After submitting your reservation via the online form, you will automatically receive an email containing the details of your order.

I have made a reservation, but I have not received any confirmation. What should I do?

Before submitting your booking, please check your email address as an error in the email address is the most common reason why customers do not receive their confirmations. In some cases, emails may also end up in your spam folder, so please take a look at it. If not, please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

I would like more information about an accommodation and/or activity? What should I do?

If you are interested in an accommodation and/or activity but would like more information, you can send a “request for information” to the owner, without having to register on the site.

To do this, simply select the accommodation and/or activity, choose the “QUESTION” tab on the form, then enter your name, email address and message. Once your request has been sent, you will receive an email confirming your submission.

Alternatively, you can also contact the owner directly, but for this you must be registered on the platform.

How can I cancel my booking?

The way in which a booking can be cancelled will depend on the advertiser. Please contact the advertiser to find out more about their cancellation policy.


How do I register my accommodation and/or my business on the platform?e ?

To publish your hosting and/or activity on the platform, you just have to click on “Offer your services” then “Register”. Then, go to the “Accommodation” or “Activity” section, then to “Add an accommodation” or “Add an activity”: it’s quick and easy!

When creating your ad, don’t hesitate to be as precise as possible and to detail as much as possible your accommodation and/or activity.

What types of photos should I upload to showcase my ad?

When creating your ad, you are asked to upload photos of your accommodation and/or activity. Photos play an important role in customers’ booking decisions. They arouse their curiosity and allow them to imagine their future stay. This is why we advise you to include nice, clear and bright pictures.

For accommodation, don’t hesitate to highlight both the interior (bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) and the exterior (pool, garden, etc.) of your accommodation.

When will my hosting and/or activity go online?

Once the registration of your accommodation and/or activity is completed and published, your advertisement is directly put online and automatically appears in the search results.

Can I synchronize the booking calendar with other platforms?

Yes, it is possible to synchronise your booking calendar on with other online booking platforms (Booking, Airbnb, ICal, etc.).

Can I update my accommodation and/or activity information later?

Once you have registered, you can update your information at any time. We advise you to make changes to your ads and to update them regularly in order to remain competitive.

How am I notified of a booking?

Each time a new booking is made, you will receive an email with the customer’s detailed information. You can consult the list of reservations in your dashboard. Simply go to “Accommodation” or “Activity” and then “Reservations”.

Do I have to confirm all the booking requests I receive?

You don’t have to confirm reservations. To make things easier for you, we automatically send booking confirmation emails to your customers. This saves you the trouble of checking every request from every potential customer.

How can I ensure good visibility for my ad?

What determines the visibility of your ad and your performance on is the experience you offer to your customers, from the booking to the stay.

To learn more about the positioning and display of ads in search results, please see our terms and conditions.

How do I communicate with a client?

There are several ways to communicate with your customers. Indeed, you have the possibility to contact them directly by email or by phone or to contact them via the platform. You should know that we provide you, on our website, with tools that allow you to contact your customers when you need to communicate with them, whether it is to send them a welcome message or to ensure their satisfaction during their stay.

Please note: is in no way responsible for exchanges made outside the platform.

What happens if a reservation is cancelled or the client does not show up?

You can easily cancel a booking on behalf of a customer. Simply go to your dashboard, under “Accommodation” or “Activity” and then “Bookings”.


How do I search for a flight for my stay?

Searching for a flight on is very easy! Just add your your original destination, desired destination, departure and return dates, number of passengers and class, then click on the “SEARCH” button. The available flights will appear immediately. All you have to do is select your flight and book it.

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